Aerial DP & Aerial Stunt Coordinator for Film, Commercials and Television
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Our passion is capturing stunning images for feature films, commercials and television. We are available for filming, aerial unit coordination, skydiving cinematography, and production of aerial and action sequences worldwide. Our skydiving helmets are modified to accomodate 35mm film or digital cinema cameras. We own the ARRI 235.

If you have a project involving skydiving with unusual objects like skydiving cars, skydiving pianos, skydiving bicycles or any other unique object you want to see in freefall, please give us a call.

Our helmet camera setup is not limited to skydiving. If you are interested in shots that would be difficult for steadicam or handheld give us a call. Imagine the additional creative possibilities you can have with a DP and cinematographer that is also a stuntman.

Skydive Arizona is our home base for many projects. They have daily access to Twin Otter and Skyvan aircraft. A C-130 is only a 30 minute ferry from Skydive Arizona. Over the years we have established excellent working relationships with ARRI, FotoKem and Otto Nemenz.

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Skydiving Stunt Coordinator
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