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Joe Jennings and Greg Gasson are unquestionably the most experienced Aerial Unit Coordinators and Aerial DP's when it comes to skydiving with cars. Joe started filming freefalling cars at Skydive Arizona in 1996. Greg was a passenger in the first car Joe filmed for his skydiving documentary Good Stuff. In addition to the skydiving car segments of the documentary, Greg is also featured skydiving while not wearing his parachute and jumping from one plane to another in 2 different plane to plane segments.

Recently Greg and Joe were the Aerial DP's on the Chevy Sonic skydiving commercial featured in the Super Bowl. After the Sonic spot aired they were contacted by Top Gear Korea to coordinate and film an episode showing that actual cars were used to make the commercial without any special effects. For the Chevy spot and Top Gear Korea they used International Air Response's C-130. It was the same C-130 featured in The Dark Knight Rises. Following those projects Joe was contacted by Toyota to coordinate and film the Toyota Spade skydiving spot. Joe has posted additional videos of skydiving cars on his website.

If you want to see cars in freefall for your next project we would love to help you. Skydiving with cars is not an easy project but with our team we can guide you through process, safely coordinate the aerial unit and ultimately save you time and money by concentrating on shots that have a much higher chance of success. You cannot find a more experienced team anywhere in the world when it comes to skydiving with cars.

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